There are more and more household in the U.S are already converting to solar energy. Because of this, there are approximately 30% new solar panels installed during the past years. We are looking into a future where solar energy will be the major player in the alternative energy market. This is the type of alternative energy that is not only here for a few years, but it will be here to stay. Because of that there are a lot of solar companies offering solar installation that is why the cost have dropped by 15%. So, will not only benefit in saving installation, energy and money. There are also a lot of incentive programs from the government such as rebates and tax credits.

Will you be the last household to benefit from these amazing savings? Here at Edison Energy, we guarantee a solar installation process as easy and affordable as possible for our beloved customers

Here’s a sneak peek on at the process of home solar installation


We value your time and energy. So, we provide faster and seamless installation within weeks. Yes, that is right weeks and not months unlike the other solar companies offers. We would not want you to wait for months before you can enjoy saving on energy without compromising the quality of our work.


If you are spending more than $100 per month on your energy bill we highly recommend you have solar panel installed. We do estimation based on your monthly energy consumption. A thorough review will be made by our team to ensure efficiency on your solar panel and to determine how many panels will be needed based on your needs.

Next, we only not survey your household, but we also conduct survey your location on how much solar energy is available. 5-7 kWh/meters squared/per day in solar insolation is received by majority of the cities in California. We ensure that we will closely check on your needs to make accurate recommendations on the solar panel that will be needed in your household. By doing this, there is more savings on your energy money.


After location and usage survey, we will then check the size of your roof, shaded areas and how much weight of the panels your roof can handle. This will be explained to you by our team to make sure you are aware of the details and understand it.


We will be responsible for all the permits that will be needed based on your city rules and requirements before we can install solar panels. We don’t want to hassle you in working the required permits. We will also take into consideration your city rebate and tax incentive available in your area.


After all the survey, estimation, calculation and all permits approved, we will then start installing your system based on needs and discussed quote. The actual installation will take 2-3 days depending on the size and complexity of your roof without compromising our quality of our work. Our professional installation team will comply with safety rules and regulation.


After all the installation was completed, your city’s utility company will check the installation made to ensure the quality and accuracy of the work done. Once approved by the city utility inspector, we will then install a production meter as final step. Then your system will start generating energy that will help you save money.

So, what are you waiting for! Just leave your details to us so we can start working on the process of your new solar installation. Let us get the job done and you enjoy more savings!